Friday, August 21, 2015

FF14 vs WoW: How Dare They!

In the current lull of WoW I have moved over to FF14 (Famfrit). Other than raiding I have "nothing" to do. DONT tell me to go farm mounts or pets, I already got my 250 mount achieve and have all the pets that I have already wanted so there can be no more joy that can be wrangled until the 300 mount achieve is active.

I've been playing my Black Mage in FFXIV (BLM) on and off for a LONG time since when WoW is good, its really good and takes precedence. But as of late I have progressed a lot on my BLM and I'm looking forward to completing all of the 2.0+ content patches to be able to start in Heavensward (HW).

So in my push to finish off the main story quests (MSQ) that drive the game from level 1-60, I thought I would have been in HW content last week, but there's just so much "other" stuff to do that I actually want to progress in that I sometimes end up doing those instead of just power questing through the main story.

I understand that I am in two completely different places currently:

WoW: Full end game, have all classes and professions and have collected everything in game. It is difficult to appease a player like me with fun filled activities. I get it.

FF14: At level 50 but STILL working towards the story, no maxed professions, 1 high level class, all other classes open for trial.

However, with my current time in FFXIV I have encountered some serious issues and I am personally offended by FF14 for doing the following:

1. How dare they have an MSQ that FORCES me to do content. Why are they TELLING me what's going on in each zone and trying to connect me to characters? And how dare they give me something to look forward to as I progress through the game! Ugh.

2. How dare they put professions as individual jobs. You have to change gear to swap to say Botanist, Goldsmith, Miner, etc, and how dare they have such an intricate crafting system where the professions are intertwined, requiring materials from other classes. And how DARE they have daily supply/provisioning missions FORCING me to either craft or gather certain items from all the professions I've learned, and FORCING me to get HQ items for double the exp and company seals. I actually had to GO OUT into the world and gather. What is this a play on immersion in an MMORPG? Oh wait...

Also how dare they make professions so lucrative for earning gil, FORCING me to play a profession. Why not just hand out gil via our retainers everyday.

3. Also, how dare they have retainers. Two to be precise. They act as our personal storage, AH sellers, and also have their own class and personality and can be sent on "Ventures" using "venture" coins which you earn through doing leves or trading them via company seals. How DARE they force me to do leves and farm seals to get ventures! You can choose what type of venture based on retainer class and they come back with random FUN treasures. How dare they be fun!

4. How dare they have scenarios that aim to teach the playerbase how to play and to deal with mechanics at an EARLY LEVEL. This allows low level noobs to understand the game and prevents me from judging them. These are scenarios that teach how to handle adds, staying out of bad, handling certain color adds, avoid boss thresholds/spells. Why are you so useful? Just make a proving grounds where someone ALREADY needs to be good to pass it. Pah. And then only gate content that doesn't even require proving grounds.

5. How dare they make old content relevant! At high level, there are a variety of dungeon roulettes that queue you into old dungeons/trials/leves and reward you with current tier equivalent of valor points. Also how DARE they have a reward token to reward players for doing content. Just make all loot RNG. There are old level 50 world "hunts" that also reward current level 60 prizes that FORCE people to do old content. Ridiculous!

6. How dare they make Black Mage feel like such a nuke compared to others, and it is very easily distinguishable. They should balance all classes ASAP!

Have you tried out FF? What else do you think should offend me?

Kwuppy Turby the Offended

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

You Don't Matter in WoW If..

Trend Report

According to the extremely extreme elitists, you don't matter in WoW if:

1. You didn't start in vanilla, preferably beta.
2. You didn't personally open the gates of AQ.
3. You're not in the world first guild. Close seconds do not count.
4. You liked any aspect of MoP (Gross, Pandas = Automatic Bad Game)
5. You aren't in the top 10 arena teams.


Truny the WTF

Friday, August 7, 2015

World of Warcraft: Legion - Semi Knee-Jerk Analysis

This was the game everyone has been waiting for and wanted and what Wrathion had predicted back in MoP: The Burning Legion returns!

As a warlock I am supposed to be ultra-hyped for this new xpac, as I adore everything demonic and with the introduction of Demon Hunters, what will happen to the Demo Warlock spec? 2 classes that can turn into demons? If so I demand we get to become more "castery" demons while the Demon Hunters be melee demons and we can all have demon dance offs!

Due to the lackluster taste WoD left in many of our mouths, my initial reaction to this xpac announcement was:

"Hey all you 'I started in BC' folk, come love us again"

Artifact Weapons

Aka: We don't need to design/animate for weapon models for the entire xpac. This saves resources on the business side yet I do commend the team for adapting what I loved about LOTRO and that is a weapon that grows with you.

It appears WoW's weapons are not as indepth in terms of customizing them with runes but there are talent trees tied in, hopefully not as shallow as our own "every 15 levels "talents"".

Even with the multiple skins, as long as one other person has it then it is not "cool"/unique and if everyone is wielding an artifact of this a single player game or an MMO?

Artifact weapons immediately gives every single person "something to do", though how they manage how far/fast you can grind up your weapon may become a concern. Eg. People who play 24/7 may have their weapon maxed before we've even downloaded the game.

I know personally this would already make me want to run dungeons since there's a slow stream of "progress", perhaps this will fill the Valor Point void as WoD certainly lacked any sense of external character progression outside of the RNG based raids.

Are there meaningful caps to how fast weapons can be ground out? Are they tied to our level? Could be interesting but need more info on how the weapon progression works.

Also I expect a HUGE release of all the warlock info especially how Demo is changing.

Demon Hunters

Sounds cool I'll make one but what of Demonology Warlocks? Dat double jump tho.

Honor Hall

As a warlock, why would I want to hang out with other warlocks? I hate them they steal my cloth gear, heck fewer people should play warlocks.

Seriously though, I hope we get demons as our champions. You know what just copy what FF14 does with retainers a lot of issues would have been resolved if LOTRO had been copied many years ago.

The game has seriously lacked class identity with the culling of skills and all that jazz. Class halls may bring meaning back to the various classes and it is a great concept to have all the different classes united under one single purpose.

Maiev is Back

She was my favourite hero in WC3 and I occasionally visit her in her prison in old Outlands so it'll be nice to catch up again.

My Most Hyped and Hence Bolded Point

TRANSMOG SPACE! See as a warlock, I NEED every single 1H sword, 1H wand, Off-Hand, Staff for myself, and every 2H mace, 2H sword, 2H axe, polearm for my Wrathguard.

Depending on how this plays out this may open up all 160 of my void storage slots and at LEAST 200 of my bank slots! HYPE!

Unanswered Questions

  1. What of professions? Are they still gimped?
  2. Are factions meaningful?
  3. New spells/abilities? Talent tree revamps?
  4. Can we start flying at 110? I don't mind the grounded content though.
  5. Why Dalaran again? Oh well.
  6. Any intent to change the "drop in drop out" attitude of the community?
  7. Any new battle pets?
  8. New mounts that will blow our minds?
  9. Scenarios return?
  10. Honor hall invasions?
  11. Remove x-realm zones???
  12. How's exploration?
  13. Is gear going to be not bull-shit RNG with crap secondary stats? Where an ilvl 640 may be better than a 665?

Hype Level 4.5/10

I have a borderline skeptical good feeling about this expansion but due to the blah that is WoD right now I bet the hype won't hit until actual game play. We also need more info.

Truny for the Legion

Monday, July 27, 2015

How to Use Damage and Healing Meters Properly

You know I don't think this is talked about enough considering the ubiquity of meters in WoW.

While a lot of players may use meters simply to confirm their existence and dominance over others, the real benefit of meters is to act as a tool to down difficult encounters. Meters are also PUBLIC to your group assuming they have a meter, and hence they can see how efficient or effective you are at managing encounters.

Just as a preface: Meters Do Not Matter for ANYTHING That is Trivial
(But they do help if someone fails at something that is trivial to find out WHY)

For me that is anything including and below heroic (normal aka the old flex aka fake) raids. The difficulty is just not there to even care. And seriously why is it called "normal"? Stop it. Just don't even. Do you EVEN even? UGH.

If running time-walking or a regular 5 man, just turn the damn thing off, nothing drastic is going to happen because someone did not do one of the trivial mechanics.

Damage Meters Example:

P1: 65,000 DPS
P2: 30,000 DPS
P3: 28,000 DPS

If you're just using throughput gauging, it may seem that P1 is the superior player. But it all depends on the encounter.

Example 1:

True: If this was a single target, no movement no encounter Patchwerk type fight.

Example 2:

False: If this encounter required DPS to manage adds. Further details reveal:

P1: 98% Damage on boss. 2% damage on adds.
P2: 75% Damage on adds. 25% damage on boss.
P3: 80% Damage on adds. 20% damage on boss.

You can now see that P2 and P3 have contributed more to the encounter, assuming the adds were a critical piece of progression, if P1 had helped perhaps the encounter would have been more smooth. It all DEPENDS. Perhaps they were ASSIGNED as the boss nuker. In that case, just compare P2 and P3, and you'll see everything was fine.

So the next time someone tries to flaunt their amazing abilities, maybe see if they even helped with any critical components of the encounter.

This is also why classes that can simultaneously blow up adds AND the boss seem to always do better than those who can't. If your class can, figure it out.

Healing Meters Example:

P1: 40,000 HPS
P2: 35,000 HPS
P3: 30,000 HPS

Hard to say right? It all depends on the class and the role. If someone is assigned to solely heal group AOE damage, they'd have a bit more heals than the healer assigned to perhaps a very geared tank.

Example 1:

P1: 40% pure heals. 60% overheals.
P2: 80% pure heals. 20% overheals.
P3: 50% pure heals. 50% overheals.

Looking from this example, P1 was probably healing inefficiently or wasting a lot of mana. P2 was on spot and P3 may be under-geared and trying to over-compensate by being inefficient, hence the overheals. If P1 was being a bit more efficient, P3 may also have been able to save mana. Without BEING a healer you can already see the synergy of the three healers in my imaginary raid here.

I found healing meters to be more of a personal measurement than anything. We are interested in total uptime of all heals including HoTs, which is important for resto druids. You should be aiming for 99%+ uptime of Lifebloom and Rejuv. Unless you need the bloom, NEVER let it drop off EVER. If you're out of range, cast it on yourself. Internalize its timing so you don't need to watch those silly heal helper addons.

Mana management also used to be a fun side-game. There are some who prefer being at full mana all the time, and those who prefer to deplete it all. I like both. Make it move with the boss' HP. If things are going well then keep it cool, as the fight progresses, step up those heals a bit, get a little bit less comfortable with low health. Whatever floats your healing boat.

Numbers Lie

Ok, don't, but they definitely do not paint the entire picture unless you are using all the correct numbers. I personally apply a mental metric that weighs all of what I have mentioned above to give "real" performance relative to everyone else.

You're undergeared, but did relatively well for your ilvl AND stayed out of bad? Well I will rank you as someone who pumped out more damage but died before execute phase. EXECUTE PHASE is what you live for why are you dying before it? Go out in a blaze of glory AFTER!



1. Use meters more smartlier.
2. Damage TAKEN and mitigated and overall utility factors into performance (just like real life).
3. Have a layout of how the ideal [Role] would perform in any given encounter. And then gauge your performance by adhering to that vision.

If anything, if you're staying out of bad, you KNOW so you don't need meters to tell you that. If you interrupted or dispelled, YOU KNOW. Use a meter if you wish to gauge your progression, see if any tweaks made any improvement.

USE IT FOR IMPROVEMENT. Not dick measuring. Learn to read the different metrics and the next time someone pulls out that obnoxious 10 person list, retort them and tell them to pipe the fuck down no one cares.

Truny the Unmetered

Monday, July 20, 2015

Human Interaction a Core Issue of WoW?

I'm not sure if this entry will end up being a WoW post or a real-life post. Let's see where it takes us.

Just like in human life, things aren't fun without the struggle. A lot of the struggle points of WoW have been removed and padded as quality of life improvements. Some examples include:

Dungeon finder: No need for manual human interaction, if this remained on the local realm, we may still have a reason to talk to each other.

Solved: Long wait times.
Removed: Human interaction.

CRZ: Implemented to "revive" dead zones but I still think this is the single worst decision of the game. More people = more competition, and it also perpetuates the idea that people from other realms are acceptable (eg via Dungeon Finder, except we'll never see them again).

Solved: ??? (See the issue is why do I even care if there are other people since quests are so easy anyways)
Removed: Ability to find any rares. Ever.

LFR: This was implemented well. The fights were still challenging and mechanics still needed to be adhered to. The gear stealing and kidnapping was toxic at best, but it did feel like a mini-raid. Now it has devolved to just existing.

Solved: Allowing more players to see end-game content.
Removed: All common sense, the innate sense of accountability, and human interaction.

Profession Changes: We no longer have to grind useless greens to be DE'd to level up, but now we don't really get to craft ANYTHING but epics which are gated through gated materials so most people just don't. Garrisons also allow you to take on the role of any other profession you may not have. Do you even even?

Solved: Useless greens making?
Removed: Professions itself. Human interaction.

All of those points DO make the game "easier" and when dripped in slowly we don't realize how it is affecting the entire game as a whole once they all come together.

The trend I am seeing is that manual human interaction is a burden that needs to be resolved within WoW. Perhaps if this was the core issue, then we should have designed for improving human interaction, giving richer experiences (whatever that means), rather than try to push them under the rug.

If We Start Fresh

We need to remedy the "pop in pop out" attitude that has shown a massive increase since the inception of LFD and LFR.

Even with the group finder for a RAID we see people just leave group when things aren't going their way. We've seen people stealth leave to repair without letting anyone know. Is the excuse that they are REALLY uncomfortable typing? This is the perfect place to start practicing!

I usually try to thank everyone for good times. This still exists luckily. Even so, I know I'll never see these people again UNLESS they were in our realm!

We have been running dungeons in complete silence for far too long. No longer do we need to explain mechanics. I used to have copy and paste mini paragraphs for each and every Cata heroic dungeon boss. It may have been excessive but people were learning and questions were asked. There was some "rich interaction" going on up in this bish.

If you remove the struggle as I was saying before, there's nothing really to talk about. We no longer see endearing progression posts about struggling on a raid boss or trying to gear up or learning to excel in our classes. I am part of the problem.

Just with the latest raid, I could care less what the bosses are called and all the mechanics are "seen this done that", our only struggle is not one-shotting the encounters going in blind.

The argument is "If you don't need LFR, leave it alone and let the people who do utilize it be". But my argument is that the current LFR does not exactly perpetuate or support a high-skill-base requirement. I'm not saying everyone needs to be extremely skilled, but if there isn't any content that ENCOURAGES stepping up one's game (which is what raids are here for right?) then what's the point of the game (which you and I just lost dammit).

What confuses me is if you aren't coming out of any encounter, be it a quest or a dungeon boss or raid boss asking yourself "how could I have improved, or what could I have done differently" then what is even the point?


This is interesting: Has recount ruined WoW? Recount is the issue!!

If you down a boss, that's good right? No! You have to be the person who contributed the MOST with the lowest burden to healers. OH MY GOODNESS. It IS recount!

Why must we derive "fun" out of "winning" against our own companions? This is gross!

I've always asked "why do people even play if they aren't top DPS/HPS?", because I AM THE PROBLEM!

Perhaps It's Too Late

Just find a good guild and hide and don't utilize anything that takes away your ability to manually interact with others. And uninstall all recount/Skada type damage meters. I shall uninstall it the next time I log on.

Turny the WTF